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Gap's House:
Guest House, Cooking School
Chiang Mai Tours

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Gap's House is the premier quality guesthouse
in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Located in the center of the activity in Chiangmai
and convenient to everything,
Gap's Houses offers everything the visitor will need:


Entrance to Gap's Guesthouse
The entrance to Gap's House,
the premier guesthouse in Chiangmai, Thailand. Lodging in a garden setting that is convenient to everything.

Vegetarian Buffet
at Gap's


Lesson Plan Course 
Morning session Introduction to Thai vegetable, herbs, spices, and ingredients by tour to local market
       1.Making Green Curry Paste
       2.Cook your own jasmine rice
       3.Cook Green Curry Chicken
       4.Cook Stir fried Chicken with Cashew nut
       5.Cook Fish Soufflé (steamed curry fish in banana leaf cup)
       6.Thai style fish cake
       7.Spicy & Sour Lemongrass Soup with Shrimp.(Tom Yum)

Afternoon session:
     8. Steamed whole Pumpkin with coconut custard or sticky rice with mango (up to season)
     9.Learn to carve, and garnish
    10.Thai spring roll
    11. Fried noodle Thai style (Phat Thai)

Note: All meat, vegetables, herbs and ingredients have been chopped up, well prepared and ready for cooking. You learn to cook and balance your own flavor according to authentic Thai taste.


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